We inform all the concerned people that ZANELLI S.r.L. and ZANELLI COMMERCIALE S.r.L. have terminated the production and the sale of their polyethylene heat shrinkable sleeve (HSS) from December 31st, 2012.

All pending engagements, documentation and warranties are granted in accordance with the best care procedure.

We thank all our clients for the support to our activity.

This WEB page will be up-dated as soon as possible


Faenza, February 4th, 2013

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(second edition dated June 2011)

The company ZANELLI COMMERCIALE S.r.L. was established in Faenza, Italy, in 1987 as representative and distributor of the polyethylene cross-linked irradiated shrinkable sleeves manufactured by UBE Industries Lt. in Tokyo, Japan.

The activity showed a significant rate of increase during the years as UBE product (trade name UBE JOINT COVER) was highly appreciated by the users for its quality and reliability. Consequently, the activity of ZANELLI COMMERCIALE S.r.L was expanded beyond the Italian territory and its function was extended to the cutting to size, packing, marking, holding inventory and delivering of the ready-to-use product to the end users.
At same time, the activity was extended to other UBE products as A.P.P. modified bitumen waterproofing membranes for the building industry and high-tech resins as poliimide hollow-fiber filters for gas separation (CO2, N, H, H2O) and high purity ceramic powders.

The promotion of Kobelco Steel Ltd. (Kobe, Japan) titanium sheet and tube has been recently added to the activities of the company. Company's clients include major oil and natural gas companies, pipe laying contractors, engineering companies as SNAM RETE GAS and ENI Group companies, handling a network of 30.000 km. of gas transmission lines in Italy and buried as well as submarine pipelines over the world.

In year 2000 UBE Management approved a wide re-organisation focused on the "company's core business" (high-tech resins and its derivates). As consequence, several product, including the UBE JOINT COVER, have been terminated. The UBE equipment (part), and "know-how" was then sold to ZANELLI S.r.L., a company established by ZANELLI COMMERCIALE S.r.L. to continue Ube's technology with Italian brand. The new plant, matching UBE's units with original "layout" is located in Faenza, Italy and its production started in late 2001. ZANELLI S.r.L. production is sold exclusively by ZANELLI COMMERCIALE S.r.L.


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